University School is an invigorating and caring environment for learning that was designed for high-achieving students who are kind, hardworking, curious, and smart. They are inspired and led by a dynamic, passionate, and empowered faculty. Offering grades 3-12 and serving approximately 80 students, University School seeks to develop self-confident, passionate, and empathetic learners who will make a positive difference in the world.
University School does not feature any learning interventions and offers a few standard accommodations.  Our comprehensive admissions process is used to enable the family and USL to determine if there is a good fit and if University School has the appropriate resources to attend to the needs of the student.

How to Apply

Each potential student is evaluated through a comprehensive admissions process, and this information allows us to get a full view of your child. If you wish to apply for enrollment for your child in University School of the Lowcountry, please follow these guidelines:

Step 1: Schedule a Shadow Day.

If, after learning more about University School through the website, an on-campus tour, attendance at an Open House, etc., and you feel USL may be a good fit for your child, please schedule a day for him/her to shadow at the school by completing our online form or by contacting Judy Hubbard at (843) 884-0902 or

Students can shadow more than one time, but the first visit must be on a non-LOTC (Learning Outside the Classroom, typically Wednesdays) day. Feedback from the child, the parents, and USL about the Shadow Day experience (does it appear to be a good fit) determines whether a family should begin the application process for their child.

Please arrive between 7:30 and 7:40 on the agreed upon date with the completed medical form. Your child should stay the entire day until dismissal at 2:55 (Intermediate School, grades 3-5) or 3:10 (Middle & Upper Schools, grades 6-8 / grades 9-12). Parents are welcome to join us for Morning Meeting.

What will my child need?
Lunch, snack, writing utensil, notebook, and the completed Shadow Day Information & Medical form. Because we have PE every day, they should wear shoes for running and dress to approximate our dress code (khaki/navy bottoms and a collared shirt).

Step 2: Complete the Application for Admission and submit the application fee.

The feedback your child provides about his or her Shadow Day, as well as the feedback from USL, will help you decide whether to move forward in the application process. If USL seems to be a good fit, please submit a completed Application for Admission along with a non-refundable $75 Application Fee*.

Applicants are considered on a rolling admission and space-available basis.

Step 3: Ensure USL has your child's academic records.

Please complete and send the Parent Authorization for the Release of School Records to your child’s current school. This will give your child’s school permission to send us transcripts.

Step 4: Provide USL with your child's recommendations.

Please ensure the completion and return of the three recommendation forms:

*We understand that students in elementary school may have only one teacher for Math and English. In this case, he/she should fill out both recommendation forms. However, we are interested in gaining three distinct perspectives on your child, so please have another teacher, such as the prior year’s teacher, complete the Teacher/Coach/Mentor recommendation form.
Step 5: Have your child take the USL Admissions Test.

Please schedule an appointment for your child to take University School’s admissions test. Testing can be scheduled in conjunction with the Interview (Step 6).

Step 6: Complete an Interview.

Your child will likely be interviewed during his or her Shadow Day at University School. If not, the interview will be conducted in conjunction with the administration of the Admissions Test (Step 5).

Step 7: Await your Admission decision.

Once this process has been completed and a decision about the applicant’s admission made, the parents/guardians will be notified. Applications will be considered on a rolling admissions basis.

Step 8: Complete your Agreement to Enroll forms.

If your child should be invited to join University School, your prompt acceptance will be important. Upon agreeing to enroll your child, pertinent forms will be sent to you. Please complete and return these forms with a $750 deposit, which is applied to the student’s tuition for the year.

In conclusion, your child will benefit from University School. We pledge to help your child be:

  • Actively engaged and motivated to learn
  • Challenged by creative school curriculum and guided by superior teachers
  • Independent and self-directed to confidently pursue his or her interests
  • Well-prepared for the demands of secondary and higher education
  • A responsible young citizen with an awareness of and involvement in the greater community and world
  • A respectful, responsible young adult

For your convenience, you may download a PDF of the USL Admissions Procedure here.

Admission to University School

University School admits students of any race, color, religion, sex, and national or ethnic origin who demonstrate sufficient promise of academic success and parent-student agreement with and subscription to the school’s philosophy and regulations.

Non-Discrimination Policy: University School of the Lowcountry is committed to its growth as an institution that welcomes and values a diversified school community. The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, religion, economic background, or any other classification protected by law in the administration of its educational policies, financial assistance policies, or any other school policy or program.