Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC)

Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC) is a hallmark of the University School experience. We believe the Lowcountry is our classroom, and students in every grade spend one day per week away from campus having experiences that challenge and inspire them. This entails over 30 field trips per year to experience everything from live theatre to landfills and plantations to museums.

In addition, we welcome many guest speakers and performers to our campus throughout the year. We enjoy hearing from elected officials and candidates, as well as members of our community with unique stories to share, and the performances range from science-based action to dance. Download our 2019-2020 Cultural Events schedule!

Want to read more about how a year full of hands-on learning opportunities inspires our students? Visit our Year-in-Review page to see highlights from each academic year, or keep scrolling for links to LOTC Reflections written by our students.

Learning Outside the Classroom at CofC

LOTC Reflections

graceland 2

LOTC Reflection: Graceland

By Jenny Hirsch | April 25, 2019

“I enjoyed learning more about the history of Elvis and rock and roll. We have been to so many cool and educational places with USL and this is by far one of my favorites.” Shared by Jackie Berenyi – Grade 8

memphis zoo

LOTC Reflection: The Memphis Zoo

By Jenny Hirsch | April 25, 2019

“The Memphis zoo was great! My group and I wandered around and found many surprises. We found ourselves learning a lot about a variety of animals from bats to pandas. I enjoyed looking at all of the animals from different regions around the world. I … Read more

tale of dragon

LOTC Reflection: The Tail of the Dragon

By Jenny Hirsch | April 25, 2019

 “The Tail of the Dragon was truly breathtaking. The total serenity in the mountains along the twisting road was a sight to behold. There were some points where nobody would talk, everyone just taking in the foliage outside. It was incredible to view. It was … Read more


LOTC Reflection: Cherokee Indian Reservation

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“Our tour of the Cherokee village was interesting to see after they had come to take part in our global languages day. It was fascinating to see where they lived. We had previously visited the creeks and it was interesting to see the similarities and … Read more


LOTC Reflection: Taiko Japanese Drum Group

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“I had a great time watching the Taiko Drum Group. The drums were loud and booming, and I couldn’t hear anything else. It was interesting how much they moved around instead of standing still.” Shared by Charlie Dunlevy – 8th grade “I learned a lot … Read more


LOTC Reflection: Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“At Waccamaw, they brought out many different reptiles. I never knew that there was more types of turtles than just turtles and tortoises. When we did orienteering, my partner and I completed two courses. Sadly, I did not win at Red-Cockaded Woodpecker musical chairs. It … Read more

camp g

LOTC Reflection: IS Camp Greenville

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“Camp Greenville was an amazing place near the border of North Carolina. Everyone had so much fun there! We went on beautiful hikes with great views. We also played fun games that made us work together!” Shared by Matthew W. – Grade 5 “Camp Greenville … Read more

alvin a

LOTC Reflection: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“I loved how interactive with the audience the dancers were. They were so fun to watch, and the choreography was so good!” Shared by Reece S. – Grade 5 “Alvin Ailey dance Company is a dance company made especially for African American dancers. The show … Read more


LOTC Reflection: The Buffalo Soldier Performance

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“Buffalo Soldiers was an insightful play about unsung American heroes whose stories are only now being shared. The play related to several of our past middle school trips, such as our 2016 trip in which students crossed the Edmund Pettus bridge, the location of multiple … Read more


LOTC Reflection: The Curious Incident of the Dog Performance

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night was my favourite performance we saw this year. A part that stuck out to me was the the stage and sound effects. That and stage design both made the play very unique and stand out to … Read more