Intermediate School: 3rd - 5th Grade

Our intermediate school serves students in 3rd through 5th grade who are curious and eager to learn. Our intermediate school has a student-led curriculum, encouraging students to move ahead at their own pace. Intermediate school students are challenged to learn two languages, engage in weekly off campus education experiences, participate in daily P.E. and learn to be leaders in our community.

Our youngest students benefit significantly from being mentored by our older students, and our 5th graders are also included in advisory groups that offer one-on-one support and guidance from a faculty member throughout the year.

Students rotate through classes throughout the day to learn from teachers who are trained in specific subject areas.

Academic Highlights


Our 3rd through 5th graders learn about ancient civilizations, world geography, and US history on a three-year cycle through the exploration of literature, project-based learning, and engaging classroom discussions. While in class, students can be found conducting research, reading materials relevant to the subject, or participating in classroom discourse; sometimes all three at once!


In the Intermediate School, all students learn both Mandarin and Spanish. Our language classes focus on speaking, reading, and writing through the lens of culture. Students master basic vocabulary and conversational skills while learning about the rich cultures where Spanish and Mandarin are spoken. Throughout the year, students enjoy cultural experiences and LOTCs that link to the languages we study.

Leadership & Life Skills

We aim to develop students who have more than just strong academic skills, and our Intermediate School Skill Wheel helps them assess their strengths and areas for improvement each quarter.


Intermediate School Math is taught in small groups separated by ability level. This allows students to move through curriculum at their own pace. We use Envisions math as a guideline for our curriculum. However, students are exposed to techniques used in Singapore Math (model drawing) and Beast Academy. Each year students are encouraged to participate in two region-wide math competitions.

Reading & Writing

In the Intermediate School, we actively engage with the many reasons we read and write. Our students are typically voracious readers. Students are encouraged to always have a book of their choosing for pleasure reading and are asked to read weekly to prepare themselves for our LOTC experiences.
Over the course of the year, students read and write for the real-life purposes of being informed, entertained, or discerning opinion from facts. Students are guided to explore the genres of narrative, informational, and opinion/argument as both readers and writers using the workshop model. We work closely to support the 3-year cycles reflected in Humanities and Science with our reading and writing choices.


Intermediate School Science is taught in a cycle, each year with a focus on Earth, Water, or Air. Science curriculum is taught through STEM projects, which encourage critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication and collaboration.