Kristina Woodward

Alumni Profile: Kristina Woodward

Years at USL 2015-2019: I’m currently a senior at Belmont, graduating in Fall of 2023. I’m having an extra semester because I switched my major. I’m now an English major with a concentration of Creative Writing, and a minor in Publishing. I was the graduating … Read more

Alumni Profile: Rory Corcoran

Years at USL: 7th-8th grade, I believe 2011-2013 Favorite USL Class/Teacher: My favorite class and teacher was always the ever so great Mrs. Logan and her MS Humanities class. I always enjoyed her sharp wit and sarcasm, yet still being able to rein in the class and … Read more

Alumni Profile: Jacob Ufkes

Years at USL: 2007-2009, 7th-8th grade Favorite USL class/teacher: My favorite teacher was Mrs. Rhonda Ewing. Her science class was taught at a higher level then most traditional middle school science classes, which in turn provided me with the skills to succeed throughout the course of … Read more

Alumni Profile: Clayton Johnson

Years at USL: 2008-2013, 4th-8th grade Favorite USL Teacher: I loved all of my teachers at USL, but Mrs. Logan stands out. She’s an outstanding teacher and person. Favorite USL Memory: Playing big football games and capture the flag. Most important lesson learned at USL: The most … Read more

Alumni Profile: Sophie Mauerhan

Years at USL: 2010-2013, 6-8th grade at USL Favorite USL class: Humanities Favorite USL teacher: Mr. Buchanan Favorite USL memory: Traveling our way through New Orleans and learning all about their culture. Most important thing learned: Random acts of kindness go a long way and people really appreciate … Read more

Alumni Profile: Sophie Bello

Years at USL: 2011-2013, 7th & 8th grade Favorite USL class/teacher: It is so hard to choose just one! But my favorite classes would have to have been Humanities with Ms. Logan and creative writing with Ms. Scarafile, as well as L&L with Mr. Kreutner. … Read more

Alumni Profile: Zach Parker

Years attended USL: 2008-2011, 6th-8th grade Favorite Teacher: Hard to pick; I loved Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Ewing, and Sra. Rowland. Favorite Memory: “It pays to ride with Mr. Kreutner.” – Mr. Kreutner Most Important Thing Learned at USL: How to communicate like a human being. Even … Read more

Alumni Profile: Olive Kesler Powers Gardner

Years at USL: 2010-2013, 6th-8th grade Favorite USL class/teacher: Humanities with Mrs. Logan Favorite USL memory: Middle School trip to North Carolina Most important thing learned at USL: Self-advocacy and being able to talk to teachers High School: 2017 Academic Magnet Graduate College Info: Rising Freshman … Read more

Alumni Profile: Sasha Grigorieff

Years at USL: 2010-2014, 5th – 8th grade Favorite teacher: Mrs. Logan Favorite Memory: Every LOTC Most important thing I learned: To become (slightly) more outgoing. High School: School of the Arts, Class of 2018

Alumni Profile: Campbell Sheidow

Years at USL: 2012-2014, 7th & 8th grade Favorite USL class/teacher: Pre-Algebra with Mr. Zenauskus Favorite USL memory: Florida Trip at Kennedy Space Center with Mr. Kreutner and Annabella Most important things learned at USL: Character can mean a lot of things; be proactive and caring, … Read more