Alumni Profile: Zach Parker

Years attended USL: 2008-2011, 6th-8th grade Favorite Teacher: Hard to pick; I loved Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Ewing, and Sra. Rowland. Favorite Memory: “It pays to ride with Mr. Kreutner.” – Mr. Kreutner Most Important Thing Learned at USL: How to communicate like a human being. Even … Read more

Alumni Profile: Campbell Sheidow

Years at USL: 2012-2014, 7th & 8th grade Favorite USL class/teacher: Pre-Algebra with Mr. Zenauskus Favorite USL memory: Florida Trip at Kennedy Space Center with Mr. Kreutner and Annabella Most important things learned at USL: Character can mean a lot of things; be proactive and caring, … Read more