USL Places in State Quiz Bowl

USL attended 3 days of competitions in Columbia as part of the South Carolina Independent School Association’s (SCISA) Quiz Bowl State Championship.

The Intermediate School team went undefeated while the Upper and Middle school teams both placed 3rd all around.

The culture of University School plays a big part — civility and sportsmanship, holding learning dear, supporting teammates, love of knowledge and trivia, mentoring, living up to the high standards of those older and before you, etc. 

Congrats to all the teams and the hardworking faculty who work throughout the year to instill a love of learning in their students.

Intermediate School: Justin Baratta, Steven Chou, John Ross Kreutner-Eady, Ensley Lansford, Molly Wymore. 

Middle School: Max Bluestein, Killian Fillippa, Waverly Lansford, Grayson Leeke, James Oliver, and Clay Slaughter.

Upper School: Charlotte Adragna, Ben Flessas, Frank Gibbes, and Kessler Kreutner-Eady

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