Testimonial: Tyler Collins

The following is Tyler’s 8th grade graduation speech from May 19, 2011.

Well, I’m finally here! I have had the best 3 years at USL, and I have learned so much during my time here.

When my family and I decided on USL, I was relieved to find out that USL had summer activities to help me get to know everyone before school started.  This made me feel a lot more comfortable.  After my three years here, I have made so many friendships, and I am going to really miss everyone!  First, I would like to acknowledge the teachers who have done so much for me.

I would like to thank Mr. Kreutner for starting the school, teaching us Math in 6thgrade, teaching L&L class, and mentoring us on life lessons, etiquette, and lots more. It has been a joy mentoring and helping the younger kids with their skill wheels.  Now as most of the middle school has learned, things that we study in our classes have a funny way of showing up in regular L&L classes and LOTC outings. It’s pretty cool to watch that happen.

Next I would like to thank Mrs. Rowland, 55% for teaching me Spanish and 45% for putting up with me.

In Math, Mrs. Brown has displayed a distinctive teaching style that is unique to USL, and I appreciate all of her help.

Mr. Buchanan has been a huge part of the school by teaching P.E and Latin to the Middle School. It has been a great achievement to complete all of Mr. B’s daunting tasks of five laps every day!!! And in Latin, I have enjoyed taking countless amounts of quizzes, because, believe it or not, it helps me so much in all languages and helps me gain a better understanding of English.

Throughout my whole USL career, Humanities with Mrs. Logan has been one of my favorite classes. Whether it was reading everyone’s favorite book, O’ Pioneers, or reading, even better (seriously) than that, Shakespeare, Mrs. Logan always makes every class fun. Heck, it was so much fun; I actually went to the library and rented a book on Dante’s Inferno.

In Science class I enjoyed doing various labs and presentations. I genuinely thank Mrs. Ewing, for involving us in the 20/20 project and the Walk for Water. It was a great experience making rain barrels and talking with kids from Zambia and Hawaii via Skype about their water problems.
As hard as Mandarin has been on me this year, the challenge has given me a new interest in global languages. I only received one year of learning Chinese, but have learned a lot from it. So I thank Mrs. Ma for all of her help and patience.
And finally, I would like to thank my parents investing in my education, and for keeping me here even when the going got tough.  So again, thanks to all of my family and my school family for motivating all of us to do our best at everything we can!

Tyler Collins
University School of the Lowcountry – Class of 2011
Wando High School – Class of 2015

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