Testimonial: Rhonda & Doug DeWolff

My 7th grade son, Adam, has changed in the last three months more than I could have ever imagined. In attending the University School, my hopes for Adam were simple-to be a happy, contented 7th grader who didn’t dread going to school, was challenged academically, and to have him do his homework without anxiety. The University School has more than exceeded my expectations.

Adam now has an eagerness to learn. I credit this to the “outside the classroom” learning. With the Wednesday field trips, he is able to make a connection from the classroom to the real world. He is much more curious about the world around him. While riding down the Isle of Palms connector one afternoon, Adam commented to me that he wondered what the oak trees lined on the side of the highway would look like in 60 years. I thought to myself, WOW! how often would you hear a twelve year old ask such a question? He is more confident in his decisions, self-motivated in doing homework and chores, and is more willing to accept any challenge that is put in front of him.

The University School focuses not only on higher learning, but focuses on the “whole” child. Adam’s attitude about school has come full circle. His old irritable, “hate school” attitude has been replaced with “Mom, can we get to school at 7:30am so that I can help Mr. Kreutner set up for the day?” The responsibilities that are expected of him at school come home with him where he makes a difference in our family. He is eager to suggest conflict management skills to his brothers when they are in disagreement. It is very fulfilling as a parent to “see” what he is learning at school.

Adam no longer puts off the homework. When he comes home he gets to it right away. I credit this to the USL teachers who use positive constructive criticism. The positive encouragement helps Adam want to succeed in school.

At the University School, Adam is learning not only required academics, but he is learning life skills that will allow him to be a successful, contributing member of his community. As parents, it was the best decision we could have made for Adam.

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