Testimonial: Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh, Ph.D.
Orange Grove Elementary Charter School / Northbridge Terrace Swim Team

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jason Kreutner for the past 15 years in the capacity of a fellow swim coach, educator, and friend.  Through our many discussions concerning coaching and teaching children, I have come to admire Jason’s commitment to his team members and to children in general.  Whether it is his present team at Snee Farm or his past coaching experience at Porter-Gaud, I have witnessed Jason gently guide his swimmers in developing a sense of mutual respect and social responsibility with each other and, ultimately, the team as a whole.  Jason stresses excellence, and his teams have been the league champions for almost two decades.  However, what I admire most about his teams is how he asks his older swimmers to take responsibility for being team leaders and helping the younger swimmers’ development.  Jason fosters a sense of community within his swim team which I believe is the reason his teams are so successful, and a major reason why the University School of the Lowcountry will be just as successful.

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