Testimonial: Lexi Thomas

The following text is Lexi’s 8th grade graduation speech from May 19, 2011.

Every year here at USL has been unique in its own way. Each has surprised me in one fantastic way or another. There are few things that have stayed consistent through all my years: the wonderful teachers, the LOTC’s, and strong sense of family no matter how big the school has grown.
The teachers have all been great. They have taught us so many amazing things that we will never forget.

Mrs. Logan- Thank you for everything you have done over these three years. Your classes have taught me a lot about famous literature. My favorite part of your classes has been “The Happy Projects.” Your fashion sense has definitely added a lot of character to our classes!

Mrs. Rowland-  ¡Muchos  Gracias Señora! Thank you so much for all of your classes. I have really enjoyed everything about your classes and feel like you have really helped prepare us for Spanish 3.

Mrs. Paeschke- Your classes have really helped me appreciate grammar. Until this year writing and grammar were one of my least favorite classes. It became one of my most looked forward to classes. I did enjoy reading books in class this year- especially House on Mango Street. I think my understanding of grammar has increased tremendously. Thank you!

Mrs. Brown- Thank you for all of your classes. I think I am finally starting to like Math.  I thoroughly enjoyed the tessellations and all of the mini projects. Thank you for all of your classes.

Mrs. Ewing- Science class has definitely taught me a lot about so many things: from survival tricks and tips to real world issues.  The simple machines unit and the soil testing were my favorite topics covered in science over the years. Thank you so much for everything.

Mrs. Ma- Thank you for all of your classes. They have been really interesting and very valuable. I didn’t realize that we could learn a language like Mandarin, until this year. Mandarin has really been a very beneficial class to us all.

Mr. Buchanan- Thank you for everything.  P.E. has been very fun. Latin, as tedious and annoying as the translations are, has been very fun. Latin has been beneficial in reading and writing word comprehension. The best part has probably been the quizzes- specifically the random bonus question about Mr. B. We have learned a lot about Mr. B. through all the quizzes, but I think I personally learned that Mr. B is a very good on-the-spot doctor.

Mr. Kreutner –Thank you for everything you have ever done. I have so many fun and exciting memories of you: from going all out on Halloween trying to scare us- to bringing in the world’s largest bag of candy in to give to anyone who did anything right or cheerful. Thank you!

Mom, Dad, and Ella- Thank you for letting me come to USL. It has been a great experience.

In Conclusion, USL has changed us all. My first year here turned out to be rollercoaster ride of learning how to be a good student. I am now graduating, and I feel like I am ready to tackle the next big obstacle: High School. I don’t think I can say thank you enough for everything.

Lexi Thomas
University School of the Lowcountry – Class of 2011
Bishop England High School – Class of 2015

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