Testimonial: Kilbey McCormick

The following text is Kilbey’s 8th grade graduation speech from May 19, 2011.

Dear University School of the Lowcountry families and all present,

It has been an honor to be at this school. As I learned of the wonders of homework, tests, and projects, I also found that school was hard but fun- a place to learn, play, and just have some classic “USL” moments. One of the things I was struck by was the radio plays and the innovative LOTC’s that we went on. My very favorite trips were probably our trip to UEC, going to the USS Yorktown, and going to the weather station. I had a wonderful first year and was very saddened to see the alumni leave that year.

I have no other words that can adequately describe this year other than one of Mr. Kreutner’s favorites- FABULOUS! This year was special.  It has been a very hard pill to swallow, realizing that I won’t walk through the doors with my 50 pound backpack every day and greet all of the wonderful people who know me. That is why I have endeavored to make this year the best year of school ever, for me and everyone else. Have there been bumps? YES! Have there been kerfuffles? YES! But I kept on persevering!

First, I would like to thank mom and dad. I remember my first day at USL, being dragged out of bed at an ungodly hour in the morning (almost literally), and then meeting everybody new (except for 2 people that I already knew; not naming names). They have been, if you will, the carrot and stick of my time here, where I had great times, but I had to work at it.

I want to say a few acknowledgments to the individual grades. 3rd grade: You were the first to say hello when I walked into school in the morning and the ones who cheered me up when I was having one of those days. You are the first beams of sunlight of the USL day, and I have appreciated your company so much.

4th Grade: You all are the complement to the 3rd grade. When I spoke to you, I could sense that you were growing into the USL role as a responsible student.

5th grade: You have been a grade that I can relate to very much because I was your age when I entered the school. I have enjoyed helping you organize yourselves and prepare for being the smart, curious 6th graders of our community next year.

6th Graders: I have become great friends with many of you. I enjoy talking to you and giving you advice.

7th graders: You are the people I can relate to best, being your age. You can help me cool down, help me overcome leadership problems, and help me fit in. I will be proud to visit next year and see you realize your full leadership potential.

8th graders: what can I say? You have been in most of my classes; you have helped me academically, socially, and athletically. I will be greatly saddened to leave your company next year, but gladdened to know that we will see each other acting as mentors of the community.

You are USL, and I have been blessed to know each and every one of you.

I would like to thank Mr. Kreutner, without whom, none of us would be here tonight, and I would not know any of this wonderful community. He has always been the go-to person for my leadership skills, and I feel that he has really helped me develop them. He listens to the students, and that has made all the difference.

Mrs. Logan: I thank you for teaching me the format for papers, how to take notes on anything, and being there, always, to give me advice, or a helping hand, or to just say “good work Kibbles and Bits.”

Mrs. Rowland: I have learned so much from my time in her class and have seen that Spanish is much easier than English to learn. Her class makes speaking Spanish an effortless experience. We had a great time opening a shop, dancing, and realizing that “chicken cars” are not what they seem.

Mr. Buchanan: I have loved PE these three years, with a perfect balance of exercise and fun. Latin is, I believe, a great subject to study, and also a great way to improve my English wording as well. Our course has been engaging and interesting, mixing stories with historical fact.

Mrs. Brown: Math this year has been challenging but fun. Last year, we had a good time doing tesselations and tanagrams. Our Algebra II program was a good mix of problems and real-world applications.

Mrs. Ma: I was first very apprehensive about learning Chinese, but it has been fun, easy, and enlightening to learn this interesting language. With plenty of hands-on activities to do in class and much more, this new class is a keeper for USL.

Last but certainly not least, Mrs. Ewing. Science (as many of you know very well), is my favorite subject. First year, the class studied simple machines. What did we do? build a rollercoaster! Second year, we studied earth and geology. What did we do? we learned a song about rocks, got pet rocks, and tested soil! This year, we studied water and its effects on the environment. So we went to two treatment plants, dangled our feet off the Shem Creek Bridge and did an entire lab on pH (where I sacrificed my pants in the name of bleach). I only have one word for this class: AMAZING.

I love University School. I know some of you better than others, but I’ll sum it up by saying: I think Academic Magnet, Bishop England, Wando, and the USL upper school will have some very well-prepared graduates this year. Good Night, University School

Kilbey McCormick
University School of the Lowcountry – Class of 2011
Academic Magnet High School – Class of 2015

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