Testimonial: Jordan Mitchell

The following text is Jordan’s 8th grade graduation speech from May 19, 2011.

I have had a fantastic, amazing year here at USL, and I am so proud of all I have been able to experience.

Before attending USL, I attended Charleston County School of the Arts. Why would I switch schools if I was previously attending a top school in the county?  At first, I couldn’t really come up with a good answer, so I decided to stay up all night one night until I came to an answer that would satisfy me and everyone who asked.  The answer is actually quite simple: I am so glad I became a part of the USL community!

I would like to thank my mom and dad for getting the information and paying for me to come here. I’m so blessed to have such supportive parents and siblings.
Before coming to USL, I shadowed so many times – not because I wasn’t sure, I was positive the first time – but because I liked the school better than the school I was at. So I would spend the day and then go back to school and tell all my friends that I shadowed at the best school ever.

I would also like to thank the teachers for pushing me so hard. I really enjoyed the homework, tests, quizzes, staying up late hours, missing fun activities on the weekends and reading Moby Dick. Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Brown, Ms. Paeschke, Mr. B, Mrs. Ma, Mrs. Ewing, Mr. Kreutner, Senora Lawn and at the beginning of the year Senora Rowland, thank you so much for being such amazing teachers this year and for just teaching us instead of reading it to us out of a book.

So thank you teachers because you did a fantastic job. Standing ovation? I think so.

Jordan Mitchell
University School of the Lowcountry – Class of 2011
Bishop England High School – Class of 2015

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