Testimonial: Allison Leggett

Allison Leggett, Snee Farm Swim Team

I’ve known Jason Kreutner for nearly ten years and have observed him working with hundreds of young people, from the five-year-old just learning to leave a parent’s side to coaches and college students in their early-twenties.  Jason is truly gifted in identifying the needs and motivators for an individual and building a plan for that person.  While some educators and counselors follow the “one size fits all” model, Jason knows how to build an organizational structure that nurtures the individual while addressing the needs of the whole group.  With hundreds of students or swimmers, he amazes people constantly with his ability to know each child not just by name, but for who they are.

In his role as a leader and educator, Jason does not necessarily seek out those that appear to be the best or most successful, but believes that all can be successful and works with them to achieve that success, even when the child does not see the potential.  Through the years, I’ve seen Jason work with children that had a lack of self confidence or motivation and build them to the point where they are not only successful, but leaders helping others.  In all that he does, Jason maintains extraordinarily high standards for himself and those around him.

My children joined a swim team for fun and exercise, and they’ve gotten those ten-fold, but the life lessons, character development, and leadership training they’ve learned under Jason’s tutelage is far more valuable and will stay with them for a lifetime.

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