Southeastern Wildlife Expo LOTC

Volunteers needed to help with this fun event from approximately 8:45 AM – 2:30 PM. Please email Judy Hubbard to sign up.

LOTC: Cookies & League of Women Voters

Postponed due to Hurricane Florence, we will be participating in the annual USL tradition of baking and then delivering cookies to our neighbors–businesses, churches, and schools–as a way to show kindness to others and build our communication skills. Because it is Halloween and our students … Read more

Potluck Dinner & Festival of Lights

This is a fun annual event for the entire USL community. We start with a potluck dinner at one of the shelters in James Island County Park, followed by the opportunity to enjoy the entire Holiday Festival of Lights display at your leisure.

Holiday Festival of Lights Potluck

Annual Family Potluck Dinner and Gathering at James Island County Park Stono Shelter (including the Holiday Festival of Lights and the opportunity to see the Greeting Card our Middle School students made). Students will depart by bus at the end of school, and dinner is … Read more