Testimonial: Diane Echlin

Dear Jason, I wanted to communicate with you more thoroughly my deepest gratitude for all the progress Anita has made while attending USL. You may remember when we first started our conversations with you about Anita Attending USL that I was skeptical about a number … Read more

Testimonial: Rhonda & Doug DeWolff

My 7th grade son, Adam, has changed in the last three months more than I could have ever imagined. In attending the University School, my hopes for Adam were simple-to be a happy, contented 7th grader who didn’t dread going to school, was challenged academically, and … Read more

Testimonial: Judy Drew & Reggie Fairchild

Dear Jason, I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the middle school field trip to Columbia for three days. I came away with an incredible sense of appreciation for USL, for the enthusiasm and camaraderie of the students, and for the … Read more

Testimonial: Lisa & Barry Hand

Dear Jason: I want to thank you for having the vision to create such a rare gem of an educational opportunity for the Charleston community.  I am excited to finally be providing Sarah an excellent educational experience. Over the past 10 years our family has … Read more

Testimonial: Alice Guess & Gordon Nicholson

Cayleigh has always been a good student.  Near the middle of grade three however she started to express some frustration with her class atmosphere.  She was no longer being challenged and it was starting to show in her overall attitude towards school.  The following year … Read more

Testimonial: Lexi Thomas

The following text is Lexi’s 8th grade graduation speech from May 19, 2011. Every year here at USL has been unique in its own way. Each has surprised me in one fantastic way or another. There are few things that have stayed consistent through all … Read more

Testimonial: Maya Rawls

The following text is Maya’s 8th grade graduation speech from May 19, 2011. Hi, everyone. Wow, this year has flown by! I remember when I first looked at the school website, two years ago. As I scrolled down every LOTC that the school did or … Read more

Testimonial: Zach Parker

The following text is Zach’s 8th grade graduation speech from  May 19, 2011. Four score and seven, plus one, divided by twenty-two years ago, our founder brought forth on this continent, a new school, conceived in hope, and dedicated to the proposition that education should … Read more

Testimonial: Jordan Mitchell

The following text is Jordan’s 8th grade graduation speech from May 19, 2011. I have had a fantastic, amazing year here at USL, and I am so proud of all I have been able to experience. Before attending USL, I attended Charleston County School of … Read more

Testimonial: Adrian McKinney

The following text is Adrian’s 8th grade graduation speech from May 19, 2011. Even though I have only been here one year…this has been the best school I have ever attended. I will really miss not going to this school. I have made a lot … Read more