Pumpkin Unloading with Hibben UMC, stay for pizza

USL community joins forces with the Hibben congregation to support their annual pumpkin patch by unloading a truck full of pumpkins. It’s dirty and hard work but we make a fun pizza social event out of it too!


Unload pumpkins with Hibben UMC from 4-6pm. Then free pizza dinner afterwards!

Community Service: Unloading Pumpkins

At 4 PM (and it will last until 6:00 or 6:30 – so come when you can), we hope to help the Hibben UMC community unload and arrange the pumpkins on the lawn facing Coleman Blvd. Afterwards enjoy a free pizza dinner in the gym! Please bring a dark t-shirt to … Read more

Community Service: Unloading Pumpkins at Hibben

Community service is an integral part of a University School education. Throughout the year, we offer opportunities for our students, faculty & staff, parents, and alumni families, to make a difference by giving their time and energy to important projects in the Lowcountry. We are … Read more