Annual Election Day Exit Polling- Volunteers Needed!

Parents are needed to help teachers drive and chaperone students to two precincts in Charleston County as students interview citizens after they finish voting.  Help is needed from approximately 8:00-1:30.  If you are interested, please let Tasha Tirpak know.  She’ll let you know everything you need to do, including the process for … Read more

Job Shadow Reflection: Ben Flessas 2018

Ben Flessas shadowed Jen Gibson during the 2018 election season, when she was a candidate for State House Seat 99. Below he shares about his experience. My Job Shadow with Jen Gibson was very fun. I learned many things like the main problems politicians face, … Read more

Katie Arrington 2018_small

2018 Exit Polling Recap

“Democracy needs people to be in the habit of thinking about the merits of the other view, and it’s truly a habit. It’s a way of behaving. It’s not the kind of thing that you can just never do and then suddenly do with ease. … Read more

LOTC: Cookies & League of Women Voters

Postponed due to Hurricane Florence, we will be participating in the annual USL tradition of baking and then delivering cookies to our neighbors–businesses, churches, and schools–as a way to show kindness to others and build our communication skills. Because it is Halloween and our students … Read more

League of Women Voters

LOTC Reflection: League of Women Voters & Shayna Howell

The League of Women Voters has been in operation for almost 100 years. Shayna has been a member for 12 years. The LWV focuses on supporting citizens’ right to vote. They also educate voters. For example, 100% of states that didn’t ratify the Equal Rights … Read more

McCain Rally posters

Learning Reflections: Honoring John McCain

Written by Jason Kreutner, founder and Head of School The public memorial for Sen. John McCain was held today at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. A small school is like a family, and experiences from prior years are permanently woven into the culture and … Read more

Melissa Couture 2018

LOTC Reflection: Melissa Couture

As part of our preparation for exit polling, we host guest speakers from as many different political parties as possible. It is an incredible learning opportunity for our students to engage with these candidates and gain insights into our political system. “Melissa Couture is running … Read more

Katie Arrington

LOTC Reflection: Katie Arrington

It was August 22nd. Turner and I were waiting outside for the arrival of Katie Arrington, one of the few females to serve in the S.C. State House of Representatives. She finally arrived and we led her back to the small chapel where she began … Read more