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UPPER SCHOOL SUPPLY LISTS: Please note that our Upper School does not have a universal supply list. Because these students are learning in a college-like setting, they will procure what they need based on their personal organization preferences and what their teachers request them to have.

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Dress Code

Upper School:
- US students will wear their key card and USL magnetic name tag every day. Students can dress as students in college, but the attire should be nice and suitable for daily PE. For LOTCs or other special days, US students will wear formal or traditional LOTC attire (described below).

Intermediate & Middle School General Guidelines:
- Bottoms - Students will wear khaki or navy shorts/skirts/skorts or pants.  All skirts should be just above the knee or longer.   Denim is not acceptable.
- Tops - Students will wear collared shirts (oxford or polo style) in solid colors with the University School logo.  Cardigan, v-neck, and crew neck sweaters are permitted as long as the school logo is visible.
- Footwear - Because of the active nature of our days, students must wear shoes in which one can exercise. Athletic shoes (crosstraining/tennis/running etc.) that are appropriate for PE and for outdoor wear are required.

Outerwear such as sweaters and sweatshirts worn over collared shirts are allowed only with no team names, slogans, logos, or messages other than those of University School. Only small breast-pocket logos are acceptable on outerwear. Here are the details about each form of outerwear:
(a) Jackets:  Dark navy, no hood, full-zipper preferred, fleece (not sweatshirt material), can be found at Land’s End but not required to be from there, with USL logo.
(b) Coats: Dark navy is the recommended color for all outerwear.  Heavy coats do not need a USL logo.
(c) Rainwear: Dark navy, poncho or coat, no USL logo required, umbrellas are not permitted on LOTCs.

For “Learning Outside the Classroom” days:
- For Formal LOTC days, students should be dressed in khaki bottoms and white USL-embroidered collared shirts. For Traditional LOTC days, students should be dressed in khaki bottoms and white USL t-shirts. Students may wear USL-embroidered hats only. Outerwear must be dark navy with the USL logo.

Additional Notes:
- Tops - Shirts can be untucked if the tail is not long
- Belts - Belts should be worn if there are loops
- Undershirts - If wearing an undershirt, it must be white and must remain tucked in at all times
- Leggings and Tights – Students may wear black, navy, or white solid color tights.   Navy leggings are acceptable but the student must wear a shirt or top that reaches at least to their fingertips.  Knee socks of a solid color may be worn, but patterns and stripes are not permitted.  Natural color hose are also okay.

There are two options for embroidering. Students can purchase them at Lands' End School (embroidery is an additional charge) or bring their own shirts to be embroidered at the embroidery store:

(1) Lands' End School: School code is 9001-3154-1

(2) Wear it Out (Phone: 843-388-4093)
1125 Bowman Road, Suite 101 - Mt. Pleasant 29464

Lunch Provider

USL works with an optional food delivery program called Food for Thought.  Students and faculty/staff may take part in the service any time you'd like.

FFT is a school lunch program with a focus is on fresh, local and organic meals, conscious of allergens and dietary needs.  Food for Thought, a subsidiary of Dish & Design Catering, is located in Mt Pleasant. With a 24 hour minimum notice policy, Food for Thought provides ease and convenience for busy parents on the run.  The large `a la carte menu offers lots of variety and allows parents to build a lunch desirable to their children's taste and/or needs.  There is no minimum order requirement, and lunches are delivered free of charge to University School. Each lunch box is labeled with the student's name and contents of the order.  There is a three checkpoint process to make sure that no lunch is left behind and guarantees every child will receive their lunch.  With an easy to use website, parents can go online and order as they prefer, whether it's month to month, week to week or 24 hours before the lunch is due. Payments are made online and charge to a credit card.  Parents may pay for their order one of two ways:  either by paying lunch to lunch or by depositing money into a personal online account that they may draw from and replenish as needed.


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