LOTC Student Reflections: Shem Creek

Each week our students participate in Learning Outside the Classroom, a hallmark of the University School approach to learning. Students participate in 30+ field trips a year to experience everything from an artistic performance to touring a landfill, and visiting a religious place of worship to participating in a community service project. These outings provide our students the opportunity to link what they learn in the classroom with real world experiences, and they help our students become more engaged citizens in our community. This week’s reflection focuses on our Shem Creek exploration LOTC by kayak (6th-12th graders) and on foot (3rd-5th graders).

From 9th grader Will Courtney:

“Recently, grades 6-12 of The University School of the Lowcountry went on a field trip. The field trip was kayaking Shem Creek with a local buisness called Coastal Expeditions. For me, this field trip was very educational. Since I have been going to USL for six years, I was able to compare this field trip to the same field trip a couple years back. I was able to see the impact of erosion on Crab Bank Island. I think I can speak for the whole school when I say that it opened up our eyes to an ever-changing ecosystem that needs our attention.”

From 4th grader Matthew Wright:

“At Shem Creek we saw egrets, fish, and marsh grass. We had a lot of fun. We also saw shrimp boats and kayakers. Shem Creek was a little dirty, too. There were also fishermen and dolphins.”

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