LOTC Student Reflections: Guest Speaker, Mayor Linda Page

At University School, Learning Outside the Classroom includes both field trips and the opportunity to hear from guest speakers on campus. During the annual election season, we try to engage with candidates from various political parties and representing various public offices. These opportunities help our students understand government, elections, public service, and so much more. This year, we were able to explore the Mount Pleasant mayoral race by hearing from the incumbent, Mayor Linda Page, and her opponent, councilman Will Haynie. The reflection below was provided by Merritt Baldwin.

During Mayor Page’s presentation at USL we learned about her plans for the environment, Coleman Blvd. expansion, and the difference between her and her opponent, Will Haynie. She was a very expressive speaker and she thoroughly answered the questions we asked. She answered questions row by row of advisory groups so we could all get a chance to pick her brain. There were several questions that she really expanded upon, such as a question on building tax from Chisolm Jackson (10th) and a question about Charleston’s environment from Amelia Bone (6th). She also provided insight into her personal life; boat riding with her children or cooking with them. She advocates for women in power and I think that she is a very good public speaker, which is good for that position.

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