LOTC Reflections: Krav Maga

Each week our students participate in Learning Outside the Classroom, a hallmark of the University School approach to learning. Students participate in 30+ field trips a year to experience everything from an artistic performance to touring a landfill, and visiting a religious place of worship to participating in a community service project. These outings provide our students the opportunity to link what they learn in the classroom with real world experiences, and they help our students become more engaged citizens in our community. 

In an effort to prepare our students for our off-campus LOTC experiences, we help them build confidence and situational awareness skills through an annual personal safety training with Charleston Krav Maga. The reflections below provide some insight into this year’s experience.

Nick Rosen shares:

Krav Maga really helped me see what could happen in the world. It allowed me to have the necessary tools to not feel like I’m exposed on the street. We learned how to defend ourselves by using knees, palm strikes, and kicks. I had a lot of fun learning the safe way to defend yourself behind the comfort of the pads I was holding up.

Caleb Herold shares:

The Krav Maga LOTC was a really fun one. I loved it. It gives me confidence because I know I can handle myself a little better. The instructors were super nice and seemed to love teaching us. I loved learning to defend myself in a cool way. I also thought it was amazing that Krav Maga is from Israel. Overall, this LOTC helped increase my confidence, and I think it will help me if something bad ever happens.

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