LOTC Reflection: The Rice Museum & Hampton Plantation

In an effort to introduce our students to Lowcountry history, we endeavor to visit at least one plantation every year. This year, we incorporated a trip to Hampton Plantation with a visit to The Rice Museum in Georgetown.

Charlotte Adragna shares:

“The school went to The Rice Museum and Hampton Plantation with Russell Horres on November 15. This was my first time going to Hampton Plantation and The Rice Museum. It was interesting to compare Hampton to the other plantations I’ve been to, such as Mcleod Plantation and Middleton Place. I think Hampton did a better job of acknowledging that the plantation home wasn’t only the house. We walked in the fields where enslaved people worked. We spent half of the time learning about the enslaved people and the different jobs they had. The other half of our time there was spent learning about the house. We took a tour downstairs and learned about how it was built and which room was which. One room had a table full of tools used to build the house. We were told about famous people who had stayed at the house, like George Washington. According to legend he told them not to cut down a tree and now it is still here today. After our tour downstairs we were allowed to explore upstairs.

At our next stop, my group first went into a small museum about how rice was made in the rice fields. Then we watched a short documentary. Overall, I learned a lot and Mr. Horres was great. He added plenty of helpful information and lead our group in the small rice museum. It was a great learning experience and I would go with my family on my own time.”

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