LOTC Reflection: Othello at The Gaillard Center

Exposing our students to the performing arts is one of our priorities for the LOTC (Learning Outside the Classroom) program. Each year we experience live theatre at places like The Gaillard Center, where we took our students to see Othello.

Liv Ingle shares:

“Overall, the play was nice, like most plays and presentations at the Gaillard Center. It was a modern take on Shakespeare’s Othello, with the actors wearing all white and black, baggy clothes and jeans, and the set with lots of shapes and a screen, showing texts and missed calls from the characters. It was supposed to show what would happen if the original play had social media and electronics, how even more complicated the dramatic scenario would be; very unlike what the average Shakespeare play looks like. They cut out some parts and focused on the main plot, extending and extenuating the most eventful parts. It was a little controversial among the student audience; the clothes and set, texts and modernized parts, while the actors used the exact script. It almost didn’t fit together, but the actors were talented and extroverted, so it did.”

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