LOTC Reflection: Krav Maga 2018

Every year we work with Charleston Krav Maga to help our students learn personal safety skills. This is an important part of our preparation for Learning Outside the Classroom experiences, which take us off campus to varying location–from just down the street to across the country. We want our students to feel confident and safe no matter where our travels take us.

“The overall experience is exactly how I imagined my first time. Matt and Ashley can teach a broad age-group ranging from as young as 9 to as old as 18. If you asked me to do that, I don’t think I could. It is good to have two classes because they can’t teach all of the important things in one hour. Some students have gone and tried some of their classes at Charleston Krav Maga. Ashley couldn’t make it this time because she was teaching a class, but Matt still did a wonderful job. He taught us self-defense and what you should do in certain situations off-campus. They are both overall great role models and great teachers.”

Shared by Marcello Crowley

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