LOTC Reflection: Katie Arrington

It was August 22nd. Turner and I were waiting outside for the arrival of Katie Arrington, one of the few females to serve in the S.C. State House of Representatives. She finally arrived and we led her back to the small chapel where she began her talk. Frankly, I was surprised. Most politicians are older and just seem to drone on about things in ways that I find extremely boring. However, Katie Arrington was completely different. She had kind of a fast-pace to the way she talked without actually having to talk fast, and she always kept us attentive. While I found some of her opinions questionable, she was good at stating them in a convincing way. On top of that, Katie also had an inspiring back story. She decided what she wanted to be at a young age and she strove for that goal her whole life. During campaigns when people would bring up embarrassing things from her past, she powered through it. I find that inspiring.  

Shared by USL student Charlie Dunlevy

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