LOTC Reflection: Jazz Through the Ages at The Gaillard

Our Middle and Upper School students recently had an intimate encounter with Charlton Singleton, the Gaillard’s Artist in Residence, as they joined him and other musicians on stage in the Martha and John M. Rivers Performance Hall to learn about jazz.

Noah Rucquoi, USL 6th grader, shares about his experience:
I went to Jazz Through the Ages at the Gaillard on December 6th. Charlton Singleton offered explanations of each piece and insights about various instruments, played the trumpet, and led his namesake Charlton Singleton’s Little Big Band. At the Gaillard we did not sit in the seats, but we sat on the stage because Mr. Singleton liked the acoustics or echo of the stage more than the acoustics in the crowd. Mr. Singleton and his band played some catchy music for us: some slow music and fast music. One thing that I liked is that every instrument got to play a solo. Mr. Singleton taught us that you can use a sink plunger to change what your trumpet sounds like. One example is making a sound like the talking of adults in the Peanuts/Charlie Brown cartoon videos. I would recommend the show for anyone, whether you like jazz or not.”

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