LOTC Reflection: Jay Bender & Free Speech

As part of our preparation for exit polling and to help us better understand our government, we invited Jay Bender to speak to our students. He is a professor at the University of South Carolina and serves as legal counsel to the South Carolina Press Association.

“Jay Bender came to speak to us about the First Amendment. He talked about the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. We also talked about the articles of the Constitution. We talked about how, and why, the constitution was made. We also talked about the colonists’ input on the U.S. Constitution.

Jay Bender is 73. Jay wants to retire, but can’t as he is in such high demand.  He has made signs and t-shirts that say ‘Free press, free people, resist the assault on the Press.’ We all learned about the importance of the First Amendment during his talk.”

Shared by Bennett Gilhuly


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