LOTC Reflection: Drayton Hall

“Our tour guides led us through three activities. The first was learning about the 10,000 British soldiers that camped there and what they did. The second activity was learning what it was like for the slaves. They mainly had four options: to run away, join the British army, which told them they would set them free after the war, join the their masters, or don’t do anything and stay on the plantation they were on. Everyone got to pick what they would do. The last activity was learning about the soldiers’ uniform, what they would carry, and what they needed. Also, with that activity they showed how they would stand in formation while in battle or combat. After the three activities we toured the house. The house was made with 360,000 bricks. and the walls were 1-2 feet in depth. There were four stories in the house and most of the walls, paint, and flooring was original.”
Shared by Jack Bryant

“Drayton Hall was a very interesting place. It had a very big symmetrical three-story building: Palladian-style architecture. They taught us everything we needed to know about the colonial patriots and about the British. We also learned about the choices the slaves had when the Revolutionary War was being waged. We also learned how the patriots trained.

We looked at all of the rooms and how they met in the rooms. Then we found out that the original plantation size was 3,000 acres of land and John Drayton owned over 100 plantations. Almost all of the materials were imported from England.”

Shared by Hunter Lustig

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