LOTC Reflection: Disney’s Coco

At University School of the Lowcountry, all of our students study Spanish. Our IS students learn through immersion activities, while our MS and US students focus on more on grammar. As part of their studies, they also learn about various traditions in Spanish speaking countries, including Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos. When Disney released their movie Coco, we felt that seeing it would provide a great opportunity for our students to create deeper connections with their learning.

USL student Bennett Gilhuly shares:

Coco was about The Day of the Dead, how you need to love your family no matter what they do, for them to support your decisions, and how life isn’t always full of “Rainbows.” The main character was Miguel, who wanted to prosper his dreams by being a guitarist, but his family tradition is to hate music, so he finds other ways of doing it. This movie took place in the 1900s.

The Day of the Dead is when families put up your photo and remember you, and you supposedly come back to Earth to see them. I’ve learned about The Day of the Dead, and how it’s a big tradition in Mexico. I learned it’s important to people that their loved ones can come back to them and remember them.

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