LOTC: Angela Walker – Green Party VP candidate

Angela Walker, Green Party vice presidential candidate, spoke with our students on September 2. On the ticket with presidential candidate Howie Hawkins, Walker gave a different perspective on government leadership and the compelling issues facing our nation today. Of particular interest to our students, Walker spoke about her day job as a truck driver. We worked with her schedule and arranged our virtual meeting for after our school day/after her workday. Walker’s occupation and party affiliation sparked questions among the students about obstacles to serving in government for certain people, professions, and parties. Walker also shared her personal story, expanded on the key principles of the Green Party, and fielded many questions from our students.

This presentation was part of our annual Fall exploration of government and elections and culminates in our exit polling project on Election Day. Students also heard from other candidates from various political parties, political scientists, and others. Talking with them enables our students to form their own opinions based on research and first-hand experience – key concepts in developing students who will think critically for themselves.

Ms. Walker is a Florence, South Carolina resident and a lifelong activist.

To learn more about Ms. Walker and her campaign for vice president, visit Howie Hawkins’s website at: https://howiehawkins.us/about-angela-walker/

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