Learning Reflections: USS Charleston

USL Students enjoyed exploring America’s newest warship, the USS Charleston – LCS 18. We’ll also had a large group of University School community members in attendance at the formal Commissioning Ceremony. Our thanks to all of the crew for sharing their insights and being so welcoming. We are also grateful to the Navy League Charleston branch for facilitating this experience!

Young people learn best by seeing and doing, and developing experienced, empathetic, and active citizens and leaders means that students should explore military sites and interact with armed forces members, let them know they care, and discover for themselves. The gap is wide in the understanding of the US military by civilians, and everyone benefits by increasing these first-hand connections. These are critical learning experiences for all of our students, and all young people should take part in opportunities like these.

“The USS Charleston Littoral combat ship was very fun and interesting. We learned about what basic life in the navy would be like, as well as holding real military weapons. We toured the ship while we took notes on the key points.”

Shared by Benjamin Flessas – 6th Grade

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