Learning Reflections: Distributed Practice and a pizza MRE

Shared by Jason Kreutner, founder and Head of School:

Two years ago we went to Mullins, SC, to explore SOPAKCO’s Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MRE) factory.   The students gained insights into the latest in food and nutrition for soldiers, and there was a lot to learn about assembling and packaging food so it could remain edible for years in a wide range of conditions.  One thing that we also discovered was that making a pizza MRE was an ongoing high-priority project and was considered the Holy Grail of potential meals.  I read this article from the New York Times a few days ago (A Breakthrough for U.S. Troops: Combat-Ready Pizza”), and I ordered some samples of this new MRE for our students to try in the next few days.

As I mentioned in describing last week’s article, this is an example of distributed practice (the effective tactic of learning something over an extended period of time).  How does this work?  I’ll show pictures of our trip to the factory, and many of us will try the pizza MRE.  It will allow students who were on the trip to pull up their memories of the LOTC and share their experience with students who’ve joined us since then.  This will strengthen their memory of this event as they tap old and make new connections in their brain.  Everyone will benefit from learning more about this LOTC that University School undertook, and it links to many other things they’ve learned at USL and outside.

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