Job Shadow Reflection: Ben Flessas 2018

Ben Flessas shadowed Jen Gibson during the 2018 election season, when she was a candidate for State House Seat 99. Below he shares about his experience.

My Job Shadow with Jen Gibson was very fun.Ben Flessas with Jen Gibson

I learned many things like the main problems politicians face, the best way to get votes while knocking on doors, and the websites that Democrats use.

The first educational part of the day was driving there. We talked and Mrs. Gibson told me what the rest of the day would look like.

The next part was in the office, where Mrs. Gibson showed me the main websites that Democrats use. She also checked her emails, like she does every day.

We left the office and met her friends and volunteers at Starbucks. Next we started knocking on doors of Persuadables (Independents).

The reason for only Presuadables is asking people on your side for their vote is pointless (for obvious reasons), and you can’t change your opponent’s mind, so there is no point in asking them.

Then we ate lunch, and after lunch, we knocked on more doors.

All the doors we knocked on were on Daniel island.

If/when I become a politician, the information given to me on the Job Shadow Day will be one of, if not the most important knowledge I will have. If I ran before the Job Shadow Day, I would probably lose, but now I could have more of a chance.


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