IS students rewrite popular Christmas poem

Before the winter break began, our IS students treated all of the USL students and faculty to a recitation of their rewritten holiday classic, “Twas the Week Before Christmas.” The poem features highlights of everything that makes USL unique, from field trips to being a “very small school with no bullies in sight.” The students even managed to include every USL faculty and staff member in their rendition of the poem.

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through USL,
All the kids were excited and had stories to tell;
At Morning Meeting, they were watching the news,
Mr. K often paused on Carl Azuz;

The children were happy to go to P.E. ,
The games they played were as fun as could be;
Ms. Thompson and Mr Thomas can be such fun,
But watch out, if you’re silly, they’ll make you run!

Into our school, if you take a little peek,
You’ll soon find out we are pretty unique.
We are a very small school with no bullies in sight,
We are all friends here, with no worries or fright

Some days we start with blended partner walking
We get to know each other by chatting and talking,
We all love to spend time with our advisory group,
The school year begins and ends with walking the loop,

Each week we venture out on an LOTC,
Our trusty drivers are Mr. Thomas or Mr. JC.
More rapid than race cars, so lively and quick,
Their driving so careful, we could never get sick!;

MUSC, the BALLET, and a great GULLAH SHOW!
We are the school that goes places by bus
We’ve been so many times, it’s never a fuss!

USL is not in any way a religious school,
But our relationship with Hibben is still really cool,
On Mondays we set up the school quite fast and steady ,
On Friday we reset the rooms, so they’re Sunday School ready!

We love Mrs. Brockman because she does very well.
A lot of students at our school think she is swell!
Ms. Donoghue a math teacher of a different division
She won’t leave you in the room without supervision

Mrs. Corbin the writing teacher is very kind,
Not very much homework has she ever assigned;
Our Upper School writing teacher is known as Ms. Peck,
If you do well in her class, she’ll give you a check.

Ms. Ma and Mrs. Goldberg are both language teachers!
Goldberg does Spanish and Chinese Ms. Ma features!
Spanish is really, really exciting,
And Ms. Ma teaches us character writing;

Mrs. Koches so nice, merry, and kind:
But if you talk in her class, she’ll give you a fine;
Mrs. Norris so chatty, welcoming, and sweet,
A teacher so crafty, she makes everything neat.

Mrs. Hubbard, so helpful she gives you mints when you’re sick
When you give her a task she’s so nimble and quick!;
Mrs. Vega going around spreading the USL story;
Her social media skills show USL’s glory.

Mrs. Zollars does photography club and art class,
When we go to her room, it’s always a blast,
Our Williams trio is easy to get mixed,
Teaching Latin, Math, or helping your problems get fixed;

Let’s not forget the other senoritas
Rowland and Mackenzie love their papas fritas!
Mrs Amis is always here to help if we’re in a pinch
Mr. Campbell teaches humanities inch by inch!

Our tiny little community is really quite sweet,
Our kindness, curiosity, and wit can’t be beat.
We are so thankful for this place Mr. K did make!

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