Hurricane Update: School to reopen Monday, Sept. 17

The following text was shared in an email with the USL community on Saturday, September 15:
Good afternoon!  I hope you and your family are safe.  The last few days have been an anxiety-fraught roller coaster for all of us, and we are thankful that the Lowcountry is coming through mostly unscathed.
(1) Hurricane Florence is leaving significant destruction in parts of North Carolina and South Carolina, and I know we will all do what we can to support others in need:
A) If you’d like to donate to the domestic relief effort for affected areas, you can text REDCROSS to 90999 which will donate $10.  This will appear on your cell phone bill and can be done as many times as you’d like.  You can also visit their website to donate.
B) In the past two years during Hurricanes Matthew and Irma, we talked about using the websites for local newspapers and tv channels in affected areas to determine specific needs.  For example, we read in the Houston Chronicle about how the Houston Food Bank fills an important role, and direct support to them went a long way.  For our students, this is also an experiential link to our annual volunteering at the Lowcountry Food Bank each spring.   We’ve also learned that other material donations are generally not desired (especially clothing) in regions impacted by disasters.  Financial contributions, volunteering on site in areas of need, and specifically-requested items are the most effective forms of support.
(2) School plan for Mon., 9/17
The campus is unscathed. The students and faculty did a thorough and impressive job of preparing the campus for Florence!
A) We’ll be open as normal.
B) We understand that many people in the USL community evacuated and will be making their way back to the Lowcountry when it is safe and they are able to do so.  So, the normal Monday schedule may be adjusted to account for faculty who have not returned yet.
C) We will restore the inside classrooms and clean up the campus from debris related to Hurricane Florence.  Depending on how the Monday schedule of classes is shaping up, we may also send some students to assist with yard clean-up at some nearby non-profit organizations.  Students should wear “no uniform” clothes and gloves that are appropriate for yard work.
D) We are grateful for any of the following yard cleaning tools that you could bring for us to use (just be sure to label them):
rakes, wheel barrows, leaf blowers, outside brooms

E) Please note that we will need to reschedule school photos and cookie baking/delivering (originally set for last Wednesday).  We’ll know Monday if our LOTC to Drayton Hall is still on for this Wednesday, 9/19.
F) Students should complete/continue to work on assignments posted on Moodle by their teachers and on L&L if they are able to do so.
Monday’s activities should mean a lot to the students.  No matter their age, they will be able to contribute to making their community better after the hurricane and bring some “random” happiness to others.  We will also be able to catch up with each other and share our stories of the past few days, and this will allow us to slide right into our regular routine on Tuesday.
I look forward to seeing everyone soon!
Thank you,
Jason Kreutner
Head of School
University School of the Lowcountry

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