COVID 19 Response

Learning Safely at USL

University School equipped our indoor classrooms with state-of-the-art air purifiers that clean the air to levels near those found in hospital patient isolation rooms. In addition to the requirement to wear masks in interior spaces, air purification and extra ventilation make USL a safer place to learn.

Faculty and students must wear a mask at all times when they are indoors, and students have daily PE, lunch/recess, and snack breaks outside. 

We opened in mid-August for a week of orientation so that students could get acclimated and engage in important emotional and social activities with their classmates and friends. We have operated without interruption since then.

In response to the trends that appeared in the Fall, we secured KN95 masks for our students and faculty/staff. 

Partnering with Charleston County School District

Since the first week schools closed in mid-March, in coordination with CCSD, we have successfully helped students-in-need across Charleston County.  We gather books/toys/shelf-stable food/items needed in the current situation (hand sanitizer, paper towels, etc.) and then distribute them at sites each Friday.  This is part of the commitment we made to our long-standing friends in North Charleston (Midland Park Primary, PinehurstElementary, etc.) before schools closed that we would be there for them and their students during this crisis.  You can help by spreading the word, gathering items, serving as a donation spot, etc.   You can also help us by making a secure, online contribution using the above link: this enables us to purchase food to supplement what has been donated.

Advocating for Safe Outdoor Learning for all of S.C. Schools

We seek to advocate and role model for what is possible in schools. This includes advocating for making the use of long-term tents by schools during the pandemic. With the status of a return to normal uncertain, safe learning outside is a powerful third option between remote learning and having classes exclusively inside. It allows students and faculty to connect and work together in person. We have lobbied state and federal legislators about this issue and sought attention from the press to inform the public.

Read more about USL’s work to bring more students back to more schools safely:

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