LOTC Reflection: MUSC Health Symposium

” The MUSC Personal Health Symposium was extremely informative. The physicians helped educate us on what is healthy for our bodies. It was a nice reminder that we have each year on how to keep our bodies healthy. They informed us on the importance of sleep and the importance of regular consistent sleep. I learned … Read more


LOTC Reflection: Vanderbilt University

“Vanderbilt was amazing! The opportunities there were seemingly endless. I especially loved the Wond’ry, a combination of wonder and foundry, Vanderbilt’s Center of Creativity and Technology. The projects that students undertook were very inspiring.” Shared by Kit – 6th Grade “Vanderbilt was an extraordinary college … Read more

sw dairy

LOTC Reflection: Sweetwater Valley Farm

“I really enjoyed walking around Sweetwater Valley Farm. Even though it smelled bad, it was cool to see how cheese is made. I also enjoyed buying and trying different cheeses.” Shared by Julian Byrne – 7th Grade “At Sweetwater Valley Farm, we saw how cheese … Read more

the lost sea adventure

LOTC Reflection: The Lost Sea Adventure

“We enjoyed touring the largest underground lake in the United States on our Middle School trip. Our tour guides took us through the caverns telling us the rich history that surround it. The fish located in the lake were a huge hit with students.” Shared … Read more

davidson 2

LOTC Reflection: Davidson College

“Davidson had such a beautiful campus. I really enjoyed how everyone was so connected on the campus, and seeing our alumna Anne.” Shared by Emma B. – Grade 8 “Davidson is a small liberal arts school which we were fortunate to tour with a guide. … Read more


LOTC Reflection: The Parthenon

“I liked visiting the Parthenon, because it reminded me of being in Greece. I enjoyed touring it with Charlotte.” Shared by Emma B. – 8th Grade “I enjoyed all the sculpting on the Parthenon, but I was sad it was closed. It felt like a … Read more

ocean way

LOTC Reflection: Ocean Way

“Ocean Way Studio was a high tech studio. They recorded some of my favorite bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Foo Fighters. They even had Weezer coming in the next week. It was interesting that they could record orchestras because they used the large church next … Read more

hindu temple

LOTC Reflection: The Hindu Temple

“Sri Ganesha was very insightful to me. My favorite thing was seeing the ceremony of Ganesh getting a milk bath. Our guide explained everything very clearly, I learned that they believe god is a bodiless force.” Shared by Riley W. – 6th Grade “The Hindu … Read more

graceland 2

LOTC Reflection: Graceland

“I enjoyed learning more about the history of Elvis and rock and roll. We have been to so many cool and educational places with USL and this is by far one of my favorites.” Shared by Jackie Berenyi – Grade 8

memphis zoo

LOTC Reflection: The Memphis Zoo

“The Memphis zoo was great! My group and I wandered around and found many surprises. We found ourselves learning a lot about a variety of animals from bats to pandas. I enjoyed looking at all of the animals from different regions around the world. I … Read more