2007-2008: Week 12 Reflections

November 9, 2007 (Day 58) Reflections In Morning Meeting, we received flyers for Hibben’s effort to send needed items to children in other countries.  We also watched CNN Student news.  The main story involved the history of Veterans Day (traced back to Armistice Day from … Read more

2007-2008: Week 11 Reflections

November 2, 2007 (Day 53) Reflections In Morning Meeting, Mr. Longanecker gave us an overview of his time spent in Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia.  He worked at the College of Micronesia for five years, and we used Google Earth to get a … Read more

2007-2008: Week 10 Reflections

October 25, 2007 (Day 48) Reflections In Morning Meeting, we looked at the Post and Courier article (“Suit filed over plan for park”) about the lawsuit involving Mt. Pleasant’s plan to secure land on Shem Creek through eminent domain.  This allowed us to learn something … Read more

2007-2008: Week 9 Reflections

October 19, 2007 (Day 44) Reflections In Morning Meeting, we built on the information we learned yesterday from CNN Student News about the upcoming presidential caucus/primary season (and South Carolina’s influential role).  This entailed reading an article from today’s The New York Times about John … Read more

2007-2008: Week 8 Reflections

October 12, 2007 (Day 39) Reflections In Morning Meeting, we examined the web page for each course.  We also got a general sense of the on-line Moodle course for Leadership & Life Skills.  We then looked at the universal paper grading rubric for all written … Read more

2007-2008: Week 7 Reflections

October 5, 2007 (Day 34) Reflections In Morning Meeting, we talked further about creating a culture of honor.  We closely examined the short but powerful Honor Concept of the United States Naval Academy, and someone suggested looking at another university also.  We took this suggestion and … Read more

2007-2008: Week 6 Reflections

September 28, 2007 (Day 29) Reflections In Morning Meeting (Life and Leadership Skills), we watched CNN Student News, and it primarily focused on the military-civilian clash in Myanmar/Burma.  We also completed a software upgrade of the notebook computers, including putting a digital version of our … Read more

2007-2008: Week 5 Reflections

September 21, 2007 (Day 24) Reflections In Morning Meeting, we watched CNN Student news.  It included an update about five-year-old Youssif, the Iraqi boy who was horribly burned and was subsequently brought to America for medical care.  We talked about the age at which appearance … Read more

2007-2008: Week 4 Reflections

September 14, 2007 (Day 19) Reflections In Morning Meeting, we watched CNN Student News, and then we examined Wikipedia and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the site.  It can be quickly updated to reflect new developments and many people contribute to articles and discuss … Read more

2007-2008: Week 3 Reflections

September 7, 2007 (Day 14) Reflections (Anita) In Morning Meeting and Spanish, we continued to read and to take notes on our Spanish research project.  In Math, we examined base two, base six, and base eight.  In Humanities, we took our quiz, and then Mrs. Logan … Read more