LOTC: Bakari Sellers

On August 19, students enjoyed meeting and talking with Bakari Sellers in a virtual Town Hall forum. He spoke with students about his powerful autobiography, My Vanishing Country, which was released a few months ago. Sellers last visited USL when he was running for Lt. … Read more

bee city

LOTC Reflection: Bee City

“Bee City was a exciting and fun LOTC. We enjoyed seeing monkeys, bunnies, bees and many others. We also enjoyed seeing the camels and llamas. It was interesting to learn that the Queen Bee is marked with a different color each year and the enemies … Read more

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LOTC Reflection: Fort Jackson Army Graduation

“The drive was long and we had to begin at an early hour but it was an incredible experience! It was truly unbelievable watching all the troops run to see their families after training. Walking through the barracks was a strange experience to know that … Read more