Alumni Updates

Alumni Profile: Rory Corcoran

By Sarah Vega | July 8, 2017

Years at USL: 7th-8th grade, I believe 2011-2013 Favorite USL Class/Teacher: My favorite class and teacher was always the ever so great Mrs. Logan and her MS Humanities class. I always enjoyed her sharp wit and sarcasm, yet still being able to rein in the class and … Read more

Alumni Profile: Jacob Ufkes

By Sarah Vega | July 3, 2017

Years at USL: 2007-2009, 7th-8th grade Favorite USL class/teacher: My favorite teacher was Mrs. Rhonda Ewing. Her science class was taught at a higher level then most traditional middle school science classes, which in turn provided me with the skills to succeed throughout the course of … Read more

Alumni Profile: Clayton Johnson

By Sarah Vega | July 2, 2017

Years at USL: 2008-2013, 4th-8th grade Favorite USL Teacher: I loved all of my teachers at USL, but Mrs. Logan stands out. She’s an outstanding teacher and person. Favorite USL Memory: Playing big football games and capture the flag. Most important lesson learned at USL: The most … Read more

Alumni Profile: Sophie Mauerhan

By Sarah Vega | June 30, 2017

Years at USL: 2010-2013, 6-8th grade at USL Favorite USL class: Humanities Favorite USL teacher: Mr. Buchanan Favorite USL memory: Traveling our way through New Orleans and learning all about their culture. Most important thing learned: Random acts of kindness go a long way and people really appreciate … Read more

Alumni Profile: Sophie Bello

By Sarah Vega | June 26, 2017

Years at USL: 2011-2013, 7th & 8th grade Favorite USL class/teacher: It is so hard to choose just one! But my favorite classes would have to have been Humanities with Ms. Logan and creative writing with Ms. Scarafile, as well as L&L with Mr. Kreutner. … Read more

Alumni Profile: Zach Parker

By Sarah Vega | June 23, 2017

Years attended USL: 2008-2011, 6th-8th grade Favorite Teacher: Hard to pick; I loved Mrs. Logan, Mrs. Ewing, and Sra. Rowland. Favorite Memory: “It pays to ride with Mr. Kreutner.” – Mr. Kreutner Most Important Thing Learned at USL: How to communicate like a human being. Even … Read more

Alumni Profile: Olive Kesler Powers Gardner

By Sarah Vega | June 20, 2017

Years at USL: 2010-2013, 6th-8th grade Favorite USL class/teacher: Humanities with Mrs. Logan Favorite USL memory: Middle School trip to North Carolina Most important thing learned at USL: Self-advocacy and being able to talk to teachers High School: 2017 Academic Magnet Graduate College Info: Rising Freshman … Read more

Alumni Profile: Sasha Grigorieff

By Sarah Vega | June 17, 2017

Years at USL: 2010-2014, 5th – 8th grade Favorite teacher: Mrs. Logan Favorite Memory: Every LOTC Most important thing I learned: To become (slightly) more outgoing. High School: School of the Arts, Class of 2018

Alumni Profile: Campbell Sheidow

By Sarah Vega | June 15, 2017

Years at USL: 2012-2014, 7th & 8th grade Favorite USL class/teacher: Pre-Algebra with Mr. Zenauskus Favorite USL memory: Florida Trip at Kennedy Space Center with Mr. Kreutner and Annabella Most important things learned at USL: Character can mean a lot of things; be proactive and caring, … Read more

Alumni Profile: Kat Favre

By Sarah Vega | September 6, 2016

If you’re lucky, you can name at least one person who has deeply and profoundly impacted your life. For University School of the Lowcountry alumnae Kat Favre, that person is Ms. Sara Peck, our writing, grammar, and speech teacher, as well as advisor to our … Read more