Alumni Profile: Rory Corcoran

Years at USL: 7th-8th grade, I believe 2011-2013
Favorite USL Class/Teacher: My favorite class and teacher was always the ever so great Mrs. Logan and her MS Humanities class. I always enjoyed her sharp wit and sarcasm, yet still being able to rein in the class and have fantastic discussions about literature/world events/etc. The curriculum in that course definitely helped prepare me for high school AP English as well as the AP history courses I would take. I also always looked forward to L&L with Mr. Kreutner, as it was a unique learning experience and not offered any place else, I suppose.
Favorite USL memory:I really loved the MS trip to NC/TN my 8th grade year. It was a nice way to spend time with peers and learn about the history/culture of the surrounding areas.
Most important thing learned at USL: I always found learning and discussing current events, whether social/political/economical a great part of learning, as to making me more aware of issues going on and what my stance is on them, etc. Learning Outside the Classroom was always great, and it’s important for young people (especially in their formative years) to get out in their area and learn about various cultures and things going on, outside of the realm of a classroom. Also, I think USL helped me mature a lot, and grow my social skills, due to the expectations put on students, and the school put me in a great place to succeed.
High School: 2017 graduate, Charleston County School of the Arts
College Info: Incoming Freshman at Belmont University pursuing a BBA in Music Business (Production Emphasis)
Career Aspirations: I’d like to do something in regards to the music industry, whether a musician, tour manager, sound technician, producer, etc.