Alumni Profile: Kristina Woodward

Years at USL 2015-2019: I’m currently a senior at Belmont, graduating in Fall of 2023. I’m having an extra semester because I switched my major. I’m now an English major with a concentration of Creative Writing, and a minor in Publishing. I was the graduating class of 2019, I was the only senior that year. I was at USL from 8th grade to my senior year. 

I’m currently working at Abercrombie & Fitch, but trying to work at a local bookstore. I want to be surrounded by books. I’m coming off a semester abroad in Italy in the spring.

After almost two years of working on my novel series, I have finally finished writing the first book of the series. I’m currently in the process of editing myself before I send it to a professional editor and beta readers to give me thoughts on it. I hope to publish traditionally but if that doesn’t work I will self-publish. I have a few friends that have already self-published their first book of their series that I’m currently reading. I’m reading too many books right now. 

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