Exit Polling

USL student conducting Exit PollsWe are a school that explores elections and the democratic process, and this means hearing from different candidates, learning about different parties, and exploring issues of governance and civics.  This is an annual experience, and it culminates in our yearly exit polling project.

This entails students going to precincts on Election Day to poll voters on their choices.  We then return to campus that day and make informed predictions of the outcomes of the races. It is a great learning activity about mathematics, statistics, and the democratic process for us all.  Doing it yearly also enables students to see first-hand the ebb and flow of turnout rates for the different types of elections, etc., and it helps to develop students will be active participants in the civic arena.

We like to use our results to predict the outcome.  However, the students also have learned that exit polls can affect voter behavior if they are released before the end of voting.  Therefore, our results are compiled but not released to our community and beyond until after the polls close.  We will post the results here on our website and on our Facebook page at that time.

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2018 Results: Now Available!