Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC)

Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC) is a hallmark of the University School experience. We believe the Lowcountry is our classroom, and students in every grade spend one day per week away from campus having experiences that challenge and inspire them. This entails over 30 field trips per year to experience everything from live theatre to landfills and plantations to museums.

In addition, we welcome many guest speakers and performers to our campus throughout the year. We enjoy hearing from elected officials and candidates, as well as members of our community with unique stories to share, and the performances range from science-based action to dance. Download our 2019-2020 Cultural Events schedule!

Want to read more about how a year full of hands-on learning opportunities inspires our students? Visit our Year-in-Review page to see highlights from each academic year, or keep scrolling for links to LOTC Reflections written by our students.

Learning Outside the Classroom at CofC

LOTC Reflections

day of care 1

LOTC Reflection: Day of Caring

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“The Day of Caring was a lot of fun and hard work. I went to Windwood Farms. We power washed and scrubbed the fences. We learned that some people aren’t as lucky as we are and we should help them. The fences looked pretty when … Read more


LOTC Reflection: Senegalese Drum Show

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“The Senegalese dance troop was very interesting. This was the second time I saw them. They are more incredible each time! They used multiple instruments, like drums, and tambourines. It was very loud, but still amazing. I enjoyed the show.” Shared by Riley White – … Read more

plantation singers

LOTC Reflection: Plantation Singers

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“I always love when the plantation singers come to perform for us. Their music is so fun and light-hearted. It leaves you better than you felt before. My favorite song they sing is This Little Light of Mine.” Shared by Charlie Dunlevy – 8th Grade … Read more

bavarian singers

LOTC Reflection: Bavarian Dancers

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“At USL we do a lot of cultural explorations every single year. This year one of them was a group of German dancers. I enjoyed it because it was something I have never experienced. It was very unique and entertaining.” Shard by Jackie Berenyi – … Read more

halloween cookie baking

LOTC Reflection: Halloween Cookie Baking

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“On the day of Halloween, we baked 1200 cookies and delivered them to all of the places within walking distance, except one group, who rode the USL bus. It as even more fun because we all got to dress up in our costumes. It’s one … Read more

of mice and men

LOTC Reflection: Of Mice and Men Performance

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“The production of Of Mice and Men allowed me to have a new view of the classic American novel. I enjoyed how the play was filled with so much emotion. I loved the actor’s portrayal of the characters. I didn’t know what to expect, but … Read more


LOTC Reflection: Naturalization Ceremony

By Jenny Hirsch | April 24, 2019

“I had a really good time at the naturalization ceremony. I enjoyed seeing a lot of people become US citizens. It was cool to be part of an important time in someone’s life.” Shared by Dylan S. – 5th Grade “The Naturalization Ceremony was an … Read more

caw caw

LOTC Reflection: Caw Caw Interpretive Center

By Jenny Hirsch | April 23, 2019

“I loved Caw Caw. We were able to learn some helpful tips about the outdoors, like techniques on making fires and weapons to hunt for food. I think it was a good experience to have. I came away feeling so much better about my chances … Read more

Farm lotc

LOTC Reflection: Keegan Filion Farm

By Jenny Hirsch | April 23, 2019

“Keegan Filion was a very interesting experience. We saw all the animals, and they didn’t even process the meat and food there. They had animals such as baby chicks, chickens, turkeys, roosters, hogs, and baby pigs with their mamas. Mr. Keegan Filion was a very … Read more

drayton hall

LOTC Reflection: Drayton Hall

By Jenny Hirsch | April 19, 2019

“Drayton Hall was an amazing experience! It was full of facts and is was very interactive. We got to tie knots, “shoot” guns, and decide what we would do if we were slaves during the Revolutionary War.” Shared by Nate White, Grade 4