2020-2021 Information

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  • 8/17 : Start Date/ Welcome Back Week
  • 8/24 Classes Begin





  • Everyone will need a mask
    It can be cloth or medical-grade.  Please just make sure to have multiples and/or wash the cloth ones each day.
    You can wear a face shield also, but a face shield is not a mask (covering your mouth and nose to protect you and others).
    We'll have some back-ups on hand in case someone forgets to bring their mask.

    Duke University released a study that evaluated the different types of face masks.
    Properly fit N95 masks (without valves - if it has a valve, it only protects the wearer), surgical masks, and 2-layer cotton masks were most effective.
    Bandanas, neck fleeces, and gaiters were not effective and may contribute to spread.
    Click here for a recap "Study Finds Not All Face Coverings Offer The Same Level Of Protection Against Spreading Coronavirus" and here is a 3-minute overview video from Duke Health spotlighting this research "Inexpensive way to test face mask effectiveness in reducing COVID-19 transmission

    Thinking about Power/Batteries, etc. for Laptops on Campus
    We have already anticipated because of the safety precautions and how students will be dispersed across the campus (including classes in and outside), that keeping laptops charged will be an issue.  USL has a laptop for each student, and some students as they get into the Middle School and Upper School bring and use their own.  Please be thinking about buying and charging a separate battery, getting a portable laptop charger battery, etc. We'll know more as we get underway in person but wanted to make sure it was on your radar.