2016 Exit Polling Makes Headlines

On November 8, 2016, as we do every year on Election Day, students administered exit polls to voters. We focused on President and Vice President, Congressional races, some local races including the Charleston County School Board, and the Charleston County transportation and green space sales tax referendum. Each student canvassed voters at two demographically different precincts, and we visited 26 total voting sites (24 in Charleston County and 2 in Berkeley County). Students then compiled the information in order to predict the outcomes using our exit poll results. Our 2016 efforts were spotlighted in one of the evening’s lead articles on the Post and Courier (“Exit polls show Clinton wins Charleston County”) and WCBD Channel 2 profiled our civics and exit polling program (“Kids conduct Lowcountry exit polls”) on their evening broadcast. On November 10, Post and Courier reporter Paul Bowers gave a comprehensive look at our exit polling (“Student exit pollsters saw the election unfold up close”). On November 13, Robert Behre of the Post and Courier showcased the agenda-setting role of our exit polling by citing the results of an opinion question we posed to voters in Mt. Pleasant about full-time or part mayor and another about the idea of single-member districts for Town Council (“Mount Pleasant closer to a single-member district vote”). On November 16, Charlie Morrison of the Daniel Island news focused on our efforts at precincts on Daniel Island and shared the story of each member of our group (“The Polling Prodigies”). Click here for the results of our 2016 exit polling and predictions!

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