2013 News Items

On November 25, 2013, Channel Four profiled our lobbying efforts on behalf of the submarine USS Clamagore at Patriots Point. The coverage included a presentation that Bob Howard, Operations Director, asked to make to our students in order to recognize their efforts and answer their questions.

On November 7, 2013, Head of School Jason Kreutner received the South Carolina Independent School Association’s Dr. Charles S. Aimar Educational Leadership Award, which is presented annually to the most outstanding leader among the association’s 100+ schools.

On November 8, 2013, The Island Eye News featured an article about our beach erosion and accretion exploration on Folly Beach and Sullivan’s Island (“Learning From Sullivan’s Beach Erosion“).

USL’s exit polling of the Mount Pleasant municipal races and our history of accurate election predictions formed the main elements of the lead election story (“School’s exit poll predicts Linda Page will be Mount Pleasant’s next mayor“) for the Post and Courier on Election Night (November 5, 2013), and the results of the survey we administered were cited the following day in a storyabout the mayoral race results. USL’s survey and its results were discussed — especially the full-time mayor question — in a feature article on Linda Page(“From Just Passing Through, to Town Hall“) (November 10, 2013). Click here for all of the information about our 2013 exit polling.

University School won First Place Team at the South Carolina IndependentSchool Association Middle School Math Meet on Tuesday, October 22, 2013, and this included having two of the top three high scorers for the whole competition. Congratulations to the participating students (Alex Adragna – 3rd overall, Thomas Boyle, William Eustis, Jack Frain – 2nd overall, Ron Kalus, Reiley Lake, Annabella Leone, Allison Li, Alex Pawlik, Hayes Richards, Gabby Villacres) and the Middle School Math teachers (Mrs. Brockman, Mrs. Lawrie, Mr. Zenauskas, and Mrs. Callahan).

University School won Best School Booth at the Mt. Pleasant Children’s Day Festival at Park West on Sunday, October 20, 2013.

In an article from October 17, 2013, The Moultrie News spotlighted Hibben UMC’s pumpkin patch and USL’s efforts to help them set it up each year (” ‘Pumpkin church’ again spreading harvest spirit“).

University School has done several projects at the International Primate Protection League for the Day of Caring for the last three years. This year we created a vegetable garden to feed the gibbons (“A Garden for Gibbons“) on September 13, 2013.

A member of the inaugural class of Darkness to Light’s Partners in Prevention, University School is committed to the prevention of child sexual abuse and to helping children grow up healthy and whole. All faculty and staff take D2L training every August, and the Moultrie News spotlighted this year’s Partners (“Local organizations set new record in efforts to prevent child sexual abuse“) on August 22, 2013.

After exploring University school during the final weeks of the 2012-2013 school year, reporter Stratton Lawrence penned this story about what he discovered (“Learning Should Be Fun: A Revolutionary School Experience in Mount Pleasant”).

On Saturday, April 20, 2013, University School competed in Christ Our King-Stella Maris’ Mathletics Competition.  We participated in Level 3 (grades 5-6) and Level 4 (grades 7-8), and our students and teams were outstanding:
Level 3 Individual Event (Grades 5-6): Thomas Boyle – 1st place, William Eustis –5th place
Level 3 Team Event (Grades 5-6)1st Place (Thomas Boyle, Robby Dullanty, William Eustis, Ron Kalus, Gabby Villacres)
Level 4 Individual Event (Grades 7-8): Alex Adragna – 2nd place, Sophie Bello –4th place, Jack Frain – 5th place
Level 4 Team Event (Grades 7-8)2nd Place (Alex Adragna, Sophie Bello, Patrick Boyle, Jack Frain, Olive Gardner)

Four University School 7th graders received State Recognition on the Duke TIP SAT for 2012-2013. Over 40% of USL students have received this honor in our history. Congratulations to Alex Adragna, Patrick Boyle, Annabella Leone, and Ture Nyman. For State Recognition, a student must achieve a score higher than 50% of college-bound juniors and seniors on one section of the SAT. Kudos to Alex Adragna for also receiving Grand Recognition (scoring better than 90% on one section of the SAT).

In mid-February 2013, University School learned that it had 30 state winners in the 2012-2013 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition! This year our 7th and 8th graders entered 34 pieces and received an astonishing 30 awards! Alex Adragna – Silver Key (Short Story):  Gourd Gored, Honorable Mention (Short Story):  A Wild Ride, Honorable Mention (Flash Fiction):  The Fire; Anne Adragna – Silver Key (Short Story):  When She Falls, Silver Key (Short Story):  Talented, Honorable Mention (Flash Fiction):  Paco the Puny Pumpkin; Sophie Bello – Gold Key (Humor): Those That Crave Candy: Hansel and Gretel Retold, Gold Key (Humor):  Hailey the Unicorn Huntress, Silver Key (Short Story):  Il Giardino (the Garden), Honorable Mention (Flash Fiction):  Goodbye Ankles, Hello Socks; Patrick Boyle – Silver Key (Humor): The Mouse-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy; Rory Corcoran – Silver Key (Humor):  Rise of the Planet Bad Movies, Honorable Mention (Short Story):  A Day in the Life of a Dog; Olive Gardner – Silver Key (Flash Fiction):  Hate; Honorable Mention (Flash Fiction):  My Father; Allison Horan – Honorable Mention (Sci-Fiction/Fantasy): Were-Wolf; Samantha Hull – Honorable Mention (Sci-Fiction/Fantasy):  Emily, Honorable Mention (Flash Fiction):  Fly; Ashton Kennington – Silver Key (Flash Fiction):  The 18th Hour; India Manigault – Gold Key (Sci-Fiction/Fantasy):  The Evolution of Oedipus; Ellie Manucy – Honorable Mention (Personal Essay/Memoir): We Can Change Animals’ Lives; Morgan Mitchell – Silver Key (Short Story):  Prom
Honorable Mention (Short Story):  Where is My Father?; Lily Frain – (USL graduate ’12, submitting under USL) Silver Key (Poetry):  The Writer; Ture Nyman – Silver Key (Sci-Fiction/Fantasy):  The Three Little Pigs Go Carnivorous; Clayton Johnson – Honorable Mention (Flash Fiction):  The Cat; Kennon Saad – Silver Key (Humor):  The Story of Farmer Dane; Jeanne-Marie Martin – Silver Key (Poetry):  The Storm, Asylum, London’s Bridge, The Pretty Dolly, Ness; Annabella Leone – Silver Key (Flash Fiction):  The Darkness of a Banana; Sophie Mauerhan – Honorable Mention (Flash Fiction):  Palmer the Yummy Pumpkin

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