2007-2008: Week 35-39 Reflections

4/30, WednesdayThe Center for Birds of Prey (by the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge near Awendaw)

5/7, Wednesday – Adult & Child CPR training by instructors from the Carolina Lowcountry Red Cross chapter. This will include learning to use an automated external defribillator (AED — one of which we have on campus).

5/15, Thursday – We will take part in a regional field survey of the extent of the Cogongrass infestation. Cogongrass is a finely-toothed weed that can upend ecosystems as it forces out native species. We will be doing our survey in and around Francis Marion National Forest.

5/21, Wednesday – We will explore the Maritime Administration vessel Cape Decision. We will examine the components of the ship, learn about cargo loading/unloading, discover more about the workings of hydraulics, and eat lunch at the port.

5/28, Wednesday – Our final Learning Outside the Classroom experience for the 2007-2008 year will be a day of outdoor activities, lunch, and reflection at Mrs. Rowland’s house in Ravenel.

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