Extra-Curricular Activities

Important personal growth takes place in many arenas, and USL seeks to support its students in their varied interests outside of the curriculum. University School students are engaged in a wide variety of extra-curricular pursuits throughout the year, and the area is blessed with an extensive and diverse list of organizations that provide these opportunities. Outside of an after-school program, University School does not directly sponsor or offer activities for students after school. However, the following is a sampling of the activities in which USL students take part in after school and on the weekends: baseball, basketball, dance, football, golf, lacrosse, skateboarding, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track & field, musical instrument, and community service. University School includes students who play at the highest level of their chosen activity (soccer, softball, and tennis, for example) and compete in state and regional competitions.

Extended Day (University School's After-School Program)

In order to meet the needs of our families, we offer an after-school option for our students.  The Extended Day program will begin at the end of the academic day (by 3:20 PM) and stay open until 5:30 PM.  In a supervised environment, it will provide a time for children to relax, play games, learn/read independently and complete homework.  Extended Day will operate on normal school days only -- not holidays, etc.  Nancy Amis oversees the Extended Day program.

Students may enroll in Extended Day on a drop-in basis or on a regular weekly schedule, and fees will be billed according to the days registered.  It is prudent to go ahead and complete the registration form whether one intends to use Extended Day or not.  Parents must contact the office or email Nancy Amis in advance of drop-in stays. 

Click here for the information/registration form for Extended Day.  Please complete and return the form if you intend to use Extended Day at any time this school year.

After-School Activities at USL

USL offers weekly novel club, weekly chess club, and semi-monthly photography club as additional after-school opportunities.

Exercise and Athletics

Competitive athletics can bestow many valuable lessons upon participants, and the benefits of regular exercise are extensive. Furthermore, USL follows the principles set forth in Dr. John Ratey's work, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. Ratey offers research that students learn best by beginning the day with vigorous exercise. USL students have PE as the first or second period of each day.

The Mount Pleasant Recreation Department organizes and administers leagues for many sports for adolescents and teenagers, and University School supports organized athletics through sponsorship of MPRD teams. MPRD has been recognized as one of most comprehensive and best recreation departments in the southeast region, and it has won the South Carolina Athletics Program’s Athletic Department of the Year in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2007.