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Support University School's 2013-2014 Annual Fund

Dear Friends of University School of the Lowcountry,

I have been honored with the duty of reaching out to you on behalf of our amazing kids and our incredible school. As many of you know (and some of you may not), our ability to keep tuition costs relatively low compared with other “comparable” school choices is our hope and expectation that we will make up any short fall with our Annual Fund Drive. This is consistent with national norms for schools of similar size, as indicated by data from the National Association of Independent Schools. I intentionally placed quotation marks around the word “comparable” because we all agree that there is actually nothing comparable to USL. That is why our own kids are here for the past two years, and that is why barely a day goes by that Ayala and I do not affirm to ourselves the unique and exceptional experience that USL offers our children and yours.

Being a bi-national and bilingual family ourselves, we have always tried to impress upon our boys the diverse nature of the global village we all share. Nothing furthers that end more than effectively communicating with a common language, and when we relate to friends, family, or acquaintances that our kids are learning Spanish, Latin and Mandarin, jaws inevitably drop.

The LOTC (“Learning Outside the Classroom”) experience, virtually unique to USL, is like nothing any of us experienced in our primary school education. When we proudly share this element of life at USL, we get universal offers for volunteer chaperones. The idea that learning is something we all do constantly, regardless of where we are, or in what circumstance we find ourselves, is something that Jason and the faculty both embrace and espouse. “Outside the box” is a term we use a lot these days. At USL this is taken literally, and it is this approach that allows our kids to not only excel academically, but mature into fine young adults right before our eyes, each in their own unique way, which can only be achieved with the type of teacher student ratios we can claim. In addition, the loyal attendance that we have come to expect at Mentor Night is testament to the legacy we are leaving in our alumni.

The love and untiring dedication that the USL faculty and staff demonstrate is nothing short of remarkable, and we are incredibly fortunate to have each and every one of them so committed to our kids. This is pointedly demonstrated by the fact that during the 2012- 2013 Annual Fund Drive, we had a faculty participation of 100% and a parent participation of 85%, numbers we can all be proud of. But we can do even better. Our goal this year is to raise $35,000. We are asking each of you to contribute whatever you can, and to reach out to grandparents, friends, and benefactors. Your contribution is tax deductible and no contribution is too small.

We thank you in advance for your ongoing support in helping sustain USL and seeing it prosper and grow in the future, just like our kids.

Ram Kalus MD

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